How do we book?

My booking process is simple to make the whole experience with me as easy as possible! I do all my booking online and payments.  Please inquire on my contact page to see my wedding brochure and availability. 

How many images will we get?

Typically 100 per hour of coverage with 2 photographers and 50 images per hour with one.   

Do you shoot alone?

I include a 2nd shooter in most of my packages but I shoot weddings alone if guest count is less than 130. 

Do you travel?

Yes, I love to travel! 

Why are Engagement Sessions important?

 Engagement sessions come with most of my packages or you can add it to any package.  I believe they are the absolute best way for us to get to know each other before the wedding, and a great way for you to feel what it’s like to be in front of the camera (maybe for the first time!)

How will I receive my images and how long will it take?

I deliver wedding images in 4 -6 weeks and portrait sessions in 2 weeks.  All galleries include an online gallery and a keepsake box with a USB.  I recommend backing up all your files but I do keep all files for 5 years in case anything happens.

Do I need to feed you on the wedding day?

Please! I live off Donuts and Coffee but I will take real food! 

Associate Photographers?

My little company has grown in the last decade! Vness Photography has a few associates that will assist, second shoot or associate shoot weddings under the Vness Photography brand! These lovely ladies help the business run as efficiently and joyously as possible! I hope you meet them on your wedding day!