Ft. McNair Officers' Club Wedding - Nicole + Jason

I’ve been very blessed in my wedding photography career so far to shoot many weddings of friends, loved ones and close acquaintances. This wedding was slightly different Jason is one of my dearest childhood friends and being part of this wedding was truly an honor.  I couldn't have picked a better match for him than Nicole with her southern Texas charm and not to mention she's gorgeous.  Jason and Nicole were introduced at a mutual friends house when they were hosting a gathering and as she told me about that night she met Jason for the first time you could tell how in love she was.  Jason proposed during sunset at the National Harbor how romantic! I wish I would've hidden in the bushes and photographed that!

It was an intimate wedding with closely connected people. It was also a wedding where as much as I love to focus on the details of the wedding, I couldn’t help but focus more on capturing the love and joy that so permeated the air. I didn't feel like I worked at this wedding at all but more that I was surrounded by so many of my friends that I have known for years.  I wish Nicole and Jason a life time of happiness for two of the most kindest souls I have had the pleasure to work with.



Venue: Ft. McNair Officers Club

Florist - Melanie Saisagul - royaltyflowersincorporated@gmail.com

Caterer: Ft. McNair Catering - Vanessa Mozee 

DJ:  j.k.music@cox.net

Hair & Make Up - Ashley Swilley - Souille Noir -  703.944.2336

Cake - Heidlberg Bakery