Logan Tavern Wedding - Washington, DC| Bart + Dana

Their Story 

They met at a roller derby match, through a mutual friend- How cool is that!

The Proposal: Simple, but romantic. Bart came over early to make dinner at my apartment because we had to get up early the next day to drive to Rochester for my mom’s birthday party. He also opened a bottle of wine he brought back from his recent travels to Argentina.  I got home from work and apparently he was anxiously waiting all evening for me to use the bathroom so he could plug in the white lights he had set up on the “balcony” (read: fire escape) of my apartment and get everything ready.  When I finally stepped away from dinner for a few minutes, he ran out to set everything up and when I came out, I found him standing out there with flowers and a present for me!  He had framed the ticket from that first roller derby match and had written “Will you marry me?” on the back.  Bart proposed there because I told him a while ago that’s where I first knew I loved him – when we were first dating, we would sit out there on warm nights and talk for hours.  Of course I said yes!

With a meeting and proposal like that you knew these two would have a fun and amazing wedding and they sure did! They had their first date at Logan Tavern and that's what made their reception even more memorable.  Bart and Dana had such a kindness to both of them and they really just made you feel like you were part of the wedding.  I was truly honored to be a part of their day! 


2nd Shooter - Raiza Vega Candelario

Venue | Logan Tavern - Washington, DC 

Venue Coordinator | Andy Phan - Events Director - aphan@eatwelldc.com

Florist | Erin Ward, The Little Flower Bud

DJ | Michael Hesson - hessonentertainment@gmail.com

Hair & Make Up | Kris Clark - krisclarkhd@gmail.com

Dress | Adrianna Papell

Cake | lavender and vanilla, homemade (by Dana)