A Simple Affair | Richelle + Tor Wed

The moment Richelle told me she was getting married on April 23, 2016 I knew I had to be there and take photos for her.   She wanted a simple affair.  A small gathering with her parents and siblings-she originally didn’t even want photos taken – but I insisted that I do them so they had pictures to share with family, friends and their kids in the future. I’ve known Richelle since 2007 and loved how artsy she was and didn’t care what other people thought of how she dressed and what hair color or cut she had at the time – she was genuinely who she was…Super Sweet and Unique!

Tor and Richelle met on a dating site in May 2015 and it’s been a whirlwind romance since.  Tor is a professional indoor soccer player and would frequently travel for games – in fact he was gone 10 months when they met and started dating!  Richelle was working at an Accounting firm and going to school full-time but made sure she took time to Facetime with Tor every moment of the day that he had available and when he was able to travel back home he also made it a priority to visit with her and spend as much time with her until his next flight out.

They both instantly knew when they met that this love was like no other love that they had ever experienced and they couldn’t think of living apart and knew they wanted to get married.  I asked them both “When did you realize he/she was the one” and Tor’s response was “I knew she was the one when she pretty much devoted her life to me when I was gone, woke up extra early so she could talk to me.  You know, catering her life and her routine so she could talk to me as much as possible.” Richelle said “The moment he respected my decision to make a peanut butter Nutella sandwich for a snack!”  The both of them have a love for sweets, especially the new Oreo cookie flavors, ice cream and cereal, and it reflects on how sweet their love is for each other! 

The wedding day started off with lots of rain but about 10 minutes before the ceremony was to start, the rain stopped, the winds had calmed down and the clouds parted and the sun came out as she walked out onto the beautifully decorated deck.  That’s when I knew that their love was truly something special.  To my sista from another mista, I couldn’t have picked a better hazel to your nut than Tor - I wish the both of you the sweetest love for all eternity!

Cupcakes: Confections

Flowers and Decor:  Designed by Dyn (Bride's Sister)

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