Ahhh Hotel Monaco you have been so good to me! This venue is on my top favorites! I always get so excited to come back here! 

I cannot say enough about these two. They were married on September 10th, 2016 at Hotel Monaco in Alexandria, and I loved everything about their incredible wedding day!

Their Story: 

We were introduced by a pair of friends while out bowling and dancing in Richmond, VA in January 2012. Jessica left quite the impression when she arrived to bowl without a pair of socks, and proceeded to stun Geoffrey and their friends with a staggering 79 pins in their game. Geoffrey managed to one-up her skills with his equally impressive performance on the dance floor later that night. After calling it a night, Jessica left her phone in their friend’s car. When picking it up the next day, she was surprised to receive a prompt call from Geoffrey inviting her to meet for coffee; she was unaware that Geoffrey had coordinated with their friend and knew the precise moment to make the call…

The Proposal:

We were spending the day at the National Harbor in August 2015, enjoying dinner and drinks along the waterfront. Jessica had been pressing to visit the area for some time, and Geoffrey finally yielded and agreed to let her “plan” the evening. Through the evening, Geoffrey’s recommendations always seemed to result in amazing views of the harbor and a live orchestra. It wasn’t until he suggested a ride on the Ferris wheel that Jessica’s suspicions were raised. At the height of their journey, as the sun set over the Potomac river, Geoffrey got down on one knee and asked Jessica to marry him.

Venue: Hotel Monaco - Alexandria, VA

Wedding Coordinator: Jessica Suess -

Florist: Conklyns Florist -

DJ: Sean Johnson -

Hair & Make Up: Lauren Meisel, 703-501- 9547,

Dress Designer: Essence of Australia

Cake: Alexandria Pastry Shop